Look around, look around, the world is changing!

The woods have been quiet this year,
the good earth unsettled
as sensed through the undercurrents of what may come next.

Chubby feels he and friends must look up and not down into this old world of strife and turmoil. The devas of the tall, green trees and the fairies of the flowers and blooming bushes have sounded the music from the cosmic womb that all things must transition.

The time is now; the conditions are ripe for the Soul to be heard. Chubby Cheeks hears the new waves of light and he will share with his friends of the forest what he has learned from his Teachers.

It is time, They say. Time to sweep the earth of the prevailing, uncomfortable fallacies about life and form.

How shall he begin to tell the story of the changing times to come? How will he comfort the little ones; lead them into the land of light?

He knows – he will teach the Master’s words:

Like a firefly, carry your light wherever you go. See how the nuts fall from the tree when they are ready. Let go of all that is not needed. Build your nests out of harm’s way.

Although you prefer your own territory, be kind to your neighbors. Seek peace between you. Collect your seeds and berries for the dark times. Rise to the morning sun and offer gratitude. And at night, listen for the songs of stars and planets.

Chubby Cheeks tells them everyone has a part to play in bringing light to the planet. Each carries the immortal spark of Spirit to hold true the Divine Pattern of Love.

The heart of Love and Light is the Christ Who will reappear when you, precious ones, see the signs in the sky and the radiance in the sun. It is almost time.

Life as you know it is changing so allow the old to gently drift by. And when the moment of the Great Event occurs, climb the highest tree and fly away Home.

Let love, light and the will to good prevail on Planet EARTH.

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