Phoro by Pam Lohr

If the day and night are such that you greet them with joy, and life emits a fragrance like flowers and sweet-scented herbs… that is your Success. Henry David Thoreau


Chubby Cheeks has a knowing that the way back Home is through simplicity.  When he leaves the forest, he feels the suffocating enclosure of all the spidery webs wrapping around him.  Now he truly understands why Jesus had to go away for many days and nights.  It was so He could keep Himself intact from all the distractions of the outer world.  And outside the forest (and some places within the forest) is the external world for Chubby and his friends.

Pink Daisies

That which Chubby has learned from the Master about living the simple life will be taught to his companions, for that is how Chubby serves on earth.  It is his assignment by Father Hamster and one he takes seriously.

And so, on a lovely sunny day in December when Venus and Jupiter could be seen shining brightly in the dawning sky, he gathered them together on the banks of the River Glen and there they listened to the wisdom of the little one with the big heart.

Chubby with Friends near Pond

Chubby paused, closed his eyes and listened for the right words for he felt that he should not get this wrong. Although he will teach about simplicity, he knows that simple does not mean easy. And this is where humans often misinterpret the meaning. So, he must be very clear on this.

Chubby Cheeks once heard a yogi master say that life was easy, but CC wants his friends to know that Life itself may be easy but participation in it might not be. So, here are Chubby Cheeks words to the gathering group:

Chubby Relaxing on Moss

In the forest are many paths and you will choose just one.
Why complicate your life by running in many directions?

Chubby knows that each must go his own way but before they separate for what may be a long while he wants to help them understand how to soften their journey. He loves them so very much and desires to support them when he is not physically present, for he knows the travel might be hazardous at times.

And so Chubby Cheeks settles them down on a moss-covered hill to receive the teachings which he hopes will keep them safe and nurtured.

Before you begin your journey, kneel down upon the ground and listen to all the sounds around you; the rustle of leaves, the feel of the soil and grasses, the buzz of the insects and then you will understand that in anything is everything.  It is life you will be hearing. It is the song of the earth.

Pink Mouse and Friends

A little hamster does not need to go out of the forest to know all that he should know. It is understood that if your space is too large, it might keep you away from friends and family. So, find your peace in your own little woodland and sail your ships on small streams. Then when your service is accomplished, there the opportunity will arise to leave what is familiar to you and travel afar into distant lands.

He now speaks tenderly to his friends saying that as they pass through fields of wildflowers it will not be enough just to breathe in the sweetness of their scents, but one day they must be responsible for planting the seeds which will grow into the blossoms.

White and Pink Flower

Chubby Cheeks says:

If you live the simple life you will see the unexpected things along the way. There will be a flow of understanding and confidence between you and the life within each created form. You will then know that all creatures from the smallest to the greatest have the spark of the Creator within.

One should not feel that if your nest is low on the ground that you are not as worthy as the owl that sits atop the trees and hoots a loud whoo. You will not do your best work if you feel your light is not bright enough. Know that even your whispers will be heard.

Chubby hopes that his friends will live a free and full life, a life where they have not wasted their energies upon things. It will bea place where they can grow.

And a place where they can love.

Cat with Kitten

A simple life is neither an isolated life nor one devoid of interest in the needs of the world. We are here among others because we have service to render.


As Chubby Cheeks sat with his friends along the riverside, he watched the Great Blue Herons gracefully gliding over the water and then landing high up on a tree limb. From there they sat very still and watched the little group below. They could see Chubby and friends as a station of light and they are hopeful that their brightness will radiate throughout the land.

And Chubby Cheeks’ one last word to his little tribe as they venture further into the forest is:

Always take full responsibility for every aspect of your lives and be a living testimony to your truth. The simple life will enable you to circumvent some of the mountains in your way and to scale some of the stone walls obstructing your path.

As you know you cannot skim the surface of your lives but must immerse yourselves in all the experiences which will prepare you to transcend the conditioning of old habits and thoughts.

You will know that you are living a simple life when despite the difficult tasks you have chosen to do, a song rises in your heart and you can look out upon this world with a glow of contentment and a sense of fulfillment.

Father Hamster then left them with this quote from his book 
of wisdom:

A being’s greatness is measured by his outreach, not by his containment. — Love Without End