By Chubby Cheeks

Chubby Cheeks stood in his forest land and looked up at the tree near his nesting site.

“Oh my goodness”, he said, “Only one leaf left!  What does this mean?”

Why had he not noticed this particular changing cycle of nature?  Then he thought,

“Have I been asleep all this time?

But — there is only one leaf left.”

Chubby Cheeks thought it might be a good idea to call his woodland friends to ask them if they had noticed what had happened.

When his friends heard the call, they came and stood around the tree to see the one leaf left.  It was brown and shriveled and hanging by a thread.

They had questions.

Is this year different?  Is this a sign of an important event?

They looked around and saw that other trees had only one leaf left.

Chubby decided to call his Wise Friend, a being of impeccable character,
for they needed Truth.

And so, his Friend heard the call of the little ones and came dressed in his best suit.

Image - One Leaf Left 3

The little ones were eager to learn what would happen when the last leaf dropped. Is this the end of something?  Will they lose all that has been before?  Oh dear, what will their Friend say for the life they had been living was familiar to them.

The Truth sayer said: “Life is brought into balance through change.  When the leaf drops it will feed the soil preparing it for a new life.  There is no need to fear.

“What you have not been able to see or understand today, you will in the future.  The invisible will become visible.  And what you thought was impossible will become possible.

“You will be able to bring harmony into your life and into the lives of others.

But, most importantly, you will be able to rise to your highest Self and transform through the fiery Spirit of the Creator.  Do not be apprehensive during these times of turbulence for all is working out as planned.

“This year has seemed long and cheerless; your winter of discontent.  The branches are bare and gaunt except for one leaf left.  But don’t forget that the seeds have already
been sown in the rich compost of your fallen leaves.

“The darkness has served its purpose and the sun shall bring forth the harvest.  Just wait a little bit longer.  Patience is a virtue.

There is a power that is rolling away the stone of the past to allow for the gifts of the future.  That power is love brought forth by a quickened zeal for righteousness and honor.

It will all come to pass. You shall see.”

With the message delivered the Friend, in his best suit, left—like the leaf.

And so, the little woodland beings will journey forth with a kindred soul, nurturing
one another and all they have the fortune to serve.

Chubby Cheeks and his friends will now stand unencumbered by the petty concerns of
their present lives and move on as the bright moon circles the sky in the shadows of night.

Good things are coming.  Let all prepare!