By Chubby Cheeks

Today was moving day for Chubby Cheeks.  It was a day to leave behind all that had gone before.  His home in this forest land would be left behind as the crystal snowflakes whitened the ground.  The trees were now laid bare and his beloved friends were snuggled safely in their beds.  He would wake some of them to come with him.  That is if they were ready for new adventures and mystifying experiences.

So together they left all that had been loved and familiar and traveled eastward.  In their little knapsacks they carried their nuts, berries and seeds.  But it would be just enough for the journey and no more for in the new place they would find all they needed.

It would not be an easy transition for they had grown attached to all that had been.  However, the times had changed, circumstances had been altered and the old ways had ceased to be joyful.  And so, they stepped upon a new path and began walking into the unknown which would, eventually, become the known.

They would follow the signs and not lose their way.

Moving Day will become the New Day, not only for Chubby Cheeks who is leading the way, but eventually for all the other little ones, the middle size ones and the big ones.

The road to a better life is not usually paved in gold. The rains come, the winds blow and the snow falls. But we put on our raincoats, hats and boots and continue onward. That is the manner in which we journey through the mist and cross the bridge.

When the weather is uncomfortable, we will wonder where the sunlight is.  And Chubby Cheeks tells us that it will be seen when our souls awaken to the light of love.

Chubby Cheeks teaches that the healing of the memories will take place as one draws closer to his/her new home. He encourages his friends to ask what it is that inspires them.  Would it be world peace, a planet without cruelty, a population happy and well fed?

He says: “With every footstep let your souls rejoice in your blessings for your thoughts and emotions create your life.  This El Camino walk in your own woodland is all about rediscovering your spiritual truth and finding peace in your heart.  And when you arrive be certain to rename your new world.

Chubby C. hopes, and he believes, that the new generation of little folk (and big folk) will weave the strands of separateness into a twining, braided basket of togetherness.

The new world awaits those whose livingness in the old world has been somewhat completed.  The light becomes brighter; the colors vibrate to a higher frequency and the love deepens and spreads far and wide.  Welcome to all who have placed service to others before service to self.