Story by GrandMary. 2018

In late spring Chubby Cheeks gathers his garden tools and heads outdoors to plant his seeds. He considers it a perfect day for putting these unborn specks of potential into the soft and fertile soil. The sun is shining and the breeze feels warm upon his body. Yes, a perfect day for seeding the good earth. Chubby Cheeks and his friend feel like they are placing a song in the soil.

GrandMary took him to the plant store to choose the seeds he wanted. Chubby thought it would be nice to mix the colors of red, blue, pink, yellow and orange. He found the shelf where the seeds were displayed and chose the ones he thought would blend. And as it is written in the holy books, – “herein is a lesson”.

Flowers blossom more beautifully when mixed together. Separation from each other is a lonely place to be.

Seeds need a gestation period and this means they have to lay in the dark and silent earth, hidden from the sun until ready to sprout. Sprouting means a quickening of the life force in the tiny speck of potential (the seed). This is a magic and mysterious process, one we do not truly understand. But to define it simply, it means a growing time when all the dormant intelligence of the plant kingdom rises to the surface of the earth and opens to the sun and rain and wind.

Chubby thinks about how life begins and wonders if the seed came first or the plant. Did we need the plant to give the seed or the seed to form the plant? Chubby does not know the answer but pondering this puzzling question keeps the brain cells active. Chubby Cheeks believes that we need to reach beyond the obvious into the regions unknown and seedlings prompt this activity. So he is following his heart.

Chubby Cheeks has waited patiently to see what will emerge from his planting of morning glories, nasturtiums and cosmos. And he is surprised to see that in just a few weeks he has leaves and vines. Day by day the roots dig deeper and become stronger to support that which will eventually flower – if all goes well. And that is always the dilemma. Flowers, most of all, need love and care and so the gardener (that being Chubby) will need to pay close attention to how things are proceeding.

The morning glories have discovered the bamboo poles on which to climb and by a wonderful innate knowledge, they move towards them and begin the journey uphill. How do they know to do this? Only the Creator of all life knows the answer. Day by day they surface the earth and then move towards anything they can climb. And so they twist and turn up the pole and when they reach the top they do whatever they like.

Chubby thinks that people are like that also. From his meditation place in the woods he has learned that humans are born with an instinct to evolve their potential for creative living so that one day they may blossom and share their beauty with others. This is the purpose offered to all through the gift of life.

He wonders why humans think they have to ask what their purpose is. It is such a silly question. Hamsters are born knowing that to love and be kind to all living things is their divine reason for being born. He is puzzled when humans question this.

But every day, they do, not realizing that every moment holds the seed of renewal and transformation. The seed, Chubby teaches, is alive with intelligent proteins and amino acids which make up the DNA. It is already programmed to be what it already is. It just has to be remembered.

But to remember is the challenge. We have forgotten that each rock, flower, creature and all else is the manifestation of an idea formed in the Great Mind. The Morning Glory, Chubby Cheeks, his friends and GrandMary are all creations of the Creator – and they are all related.

Chubby Cheeks understands this and that is why he tends his flowers, grows his garden, finds joy in bird song, and tenderly touches the raindrops on his face. He gives thanks to the fairy folk, the gnomes, elves and devas for using divine energy to build and form all that is living on Earth for they work tirelessly and happily.

Tajani Raum

According to Chubby Cheeks, a garden is a magical place where amazing things happen. For children a secret garden is the best place to be for here they can play out their dreams and allow conformity to disappear into the elements. Here they can preserve wonder and accommodate possibility.

Being a sacred earth creature, Chubby Cheeks understands that for seeds to give birth to healthy flowers and plants there must be a quiet and subtle attunement between the gardener and the spirit of the seed.

The soil is the womb of the plant kingdom and it must be healthy enough to protect the fragility of the seed and yet loose enough to let it expand and rise when ready. And then the moment of birth is assured. Again, if all goes well. And where did Chubby learn this? From a seed thought, of course!

Chubby Cheeks vaguely remembers a poet writing (and he can’t remember which one as it was a long time ago) about “shaking the glory out” and he thinks that is what happens when a seed is planted with love. From every seedling comes an outflowing tide of blessings – beauty healing and wonder. And, as they say, “so it is”.

Story by GrandMary for John, Bennett and Anders, summer 2018