Chubby Cheeks is very upset with himself.  The thoughts and feelings which are running through his little body are telling him a false story, one which has attached itself to his brain and won’t let go.  It is very disturbing.

Have you had thoughts and feelings like that?  Ideas about yourself which shorten your height and contract your sides so that you perceive yourself to be a wee person?  A tiny one with shadows all around and only a little light shining through?

Well, what are we going to do about it?  Chubby cannot stay this way because his friends cherish his happiness and do not like to see him downcast.

Chubby and Mouse

They become unhappy when he is.  No, this is not a good way to be, so something must be done.  But what?  Let us think.

Chubby is out of balance because he is thinking that because he feels so sad about himself, he has lost his happiness.  And so Chubby turns to his Teacher to ask why this is.  He asks the question: “Is happiness the ultimate goal of life”?  And Teacher answers:

“No, it isn’t.  Discovering meaning in life is the golden thread.  It is far more important than happiness—which is only temporary.   You know this, Chubby Cheeks.   You have only forgotten it for a little while.”

Teacher continues:

“Feeling discouraged with yourself is an internal reaction to what you perceive to be your mistakes or failings.   But when this happens you have an opportunity to make adjustments in yourself which could free you from dark depression, anger, fear and anxiety.”

(This is reminder talk for Chubby but he will try to understand—once

“Let us now speak of healing— the movement towards wellbeing.  This is what true healing is all about.   It is to build a bridge between the light and the shadow lands, and then to assimilate so much of that higher, purer energy that filaments of golden radiance flow into you and to all the others you touch in your life.”

Chubby thinks this is a lot to ponder but he knows it is true, for it is what he hears when he sits under his ‘Banyan tree’ to meditate.

Chubby with Dandelion

What is health, he asks himself?  How can he teach his friends that it is more than taking medicine, exercising, eating right and doing energy work?  It is all of these, but most importantly, it is discovering the inner strength to become the best that you can.  It is to live the life more abundantly.

“Dear One,” his Teacher says;

“You are healed when you help others, when you consider the community part of yourself, when you compassionately lift the unfortunate lives of those around you.”

Chubby now remembers that, when he decided to come to Earth for a little while, he would take responsibility for making his world a healthier place.   And so, he has, although he knows there is a lot more work to do.  He becomes restless at times to get it all done, but Teacher has taught him that turtles also reach their goals going slow and easy, sitting often in a quiet place to intuit what to do next.

Now Chubby Cheeks understands that he does not have to run the race of time, but can rest awhile with his friends and decide which way to go, which thoughts to think and which actions to take.

Teacher says:

“Calm yourself and know how to wait until the right time comes
naturally.” (Teacher learned this from Masami Saionji)

This is what Bennett does when he becomes confused and upset.  And then the right way just seems to appear out of nowhere— or from Somewhere.

Chubby Cheeks sees that we are living in a world on the move, in a time-space that is not stable, nor fitting the pattern of years past.  He thinks there are too many energies being mixed together at this moment on Earth causing smoke and fire.  People are not in right mind; woodland and oceanic creatures are acting strange and the trees are telling unfamiliar stories.

Chubby on Hollow Tree

Chubby Cheeks hears the sound of the trees telling him to teach his friends not to mourn their losses nor the way of life now past, but to transmute these experiences into wisdom.  He says:

“Be a pathfinder to the future filled with a light heretofore

Give yourself the time and place to know yourself as love for the Master Teacher said, long ago, that life was given to us through the energy of love.  Give love to yourself and to others and healing will come as the sun rises in the morning and the moon shines at night.

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