Story by Chubby Cheeks and GrandMary

                                                                        November 11, 2018

What Chubby Cheeks knows about love, he has learned from Mother Earth.  Every day, morning, noon and night, day in and day out, without fail, She has shown him what love looks like, feels like and acts like.

He is so happy that he was born and raised in the forest where trees grow tall, wild flowers bloom when it is time and woodland creatures run freely through bushes and brush.

He sees the seasons move from winter to spring to summer and autumn.  He follows the cycles of nature and becomes onlooker to all the changes which balance the earth.

He understands that sometimes humans have trouble finding their love in the midst of the chaos they themselves have mostly created.  They have yet to demonstrate the qualities which will establish fellowship between each other.  But Chubby Cheeks and companions see it as a matter of accepting differences.

White Cat with Chubby

Chubby Cheeks often plays the role of teacher and healer and he tells his friends that it is good to work together for the awakening of our Earth brothers and sisters whether they be human, hamster or other.

Exceptional events are taking place now on Earth. Chubby Cheeks can see that attention can now be directed beyond our present limited sense of reality.

This is very important for when the Head Master appears from Beyond, more humans will see with their eyes and feel with their hearts that something extraordinary has happened.

In a new way Light will illumine the way—animals will be able to cross the road without injury, mankind will travel the rainbow bridge and embrace the love on the other side.  The great and the small will sit down together and tell their stories and planet Earth will become a new world in a new age.

All this will come to be as our slumbering impressions of how life should be are quickened throughout the Universe by the One we call the  Great Mother.

In the heart one must discover empathy, forgiveness and gratitude.  Then heaven will touch earth and love will spread across the planet like the petals of a dandelion when —

He tells them how important it is to love.