Story by Chubby Cheeks

Monestary - Painting

My new song must float like a feather on the breath of God.

Hildegard of Bingen, Scivias

Chubby Cheeks has, at times, heard the songs of Magdalene and they stir his soul as nothing else has ever done.  Often, he sits high on a woodland tree to hear the melodies which carry him into a field of light.

Chubby in Fork of Tree

Through clear eyes, worlds unseen become visible to reveal a boundless kingdom of infinite possibilities. Chubby Cheeks knows that he wants to be a part of the blending of this world with the higher.

He says, 

I am an adventurer and so this amazing opportunity to help move our 

suffering planet to a different frequency in the cosmos is something I want to believe in and then act upon.

So once again he listens for the voice of the Magdalene. And when he can

translate the music into words, he understands this is to be shared. With hands pressed to his heart he takes a breath and speaks for her – as best he can.

Chubby with Toy Friends

I will come to all who are pure in heart, clear in mind and receptive to spirit.

I was born in a forest like you, dear Chubby, and I grew up respecting and loving all that lived within; the trees and plants, the animals and insects, the waters.

And it was there sitting beside the white mushroom that I thought I was becoming aware of who I was to be in this world.

I knew that one day I would meet a Master who could teach me things not known before. And together we would bring to life a new way to express His Teachings on Earth,

Listen. Listen, my little friends. Hear us when we speak. Be open like the

flower to the bee.

Pink Flower

Chubby Cheeks asked Magdalene what was the most beautiful song the 

 Master sang to her. And she answered:

He sang His song of Oneness, the song of Love.

Magdalene needed to explain so Chubby would really understand.

It means you will have a sense of your own presence melded into His Presence and for one special moment there will be no separation between you. My songs will be recognized as knowingness and not merely as musical notes heard by physical ears.

Chubby then knew that Magdalene’s wisdom was not only to be communicated…

on one level through words in musical harmony but through creativeness applied to the needs of the world.

And most of all through right relationships.

Boy with Pet

We are gifted with this Earth life, whether it be short or long, because that

time is needed to develop a sense of trust of who we are and what we have come here to accomplish.

Chubby and Red Mushroom

Magdalene is eager to tell Chubby that the cosmic tension is great

right now and that every good deed helps to transform the chaos.

In due time, Chubby Cheeks knows that Magdalene’s songs will spread like

seeds to be birthed in the heart of men and women of goodwill. The days of preparation have been long, the waiting wearisome but soon the harvest will be ready for gathering.

Colored Corn

So children of Earth, plant your fertile seeds wherever you are. Cover the lands

with green and color the waters turquoise. Sing the songs of Magdalene and watch for the emergence of the Christ Presence in every human heart.