Chubby Cheeks has had a lot on his mind lately and it concerns his destiny and that of all living forms. He refers to humans, animals, plants and minerals. He ponders the soul and spirit of Earth and wonders how it will be able to carry all that lives upon her body through this dark period.

At the end of each cycle of over 25,000 years, there is always a major event which alters planetary life in such a way as to overthrow all that has gone before. Earth has now entered into a different timeline and gradually or spontaneously the change will come. Chubby has known this for a very long time for his ancestors have told him and he wants to prepare himself and all his friends for that which is to come. And thus he seeks guidance and clarification from a higher source.

Chubby needs to go to his quiet room and settle down in silence to seek a deeper understanding of how best to see where to go from here. He regards himself as a little being on the face of the earth but it is the little ones who will lead the way. This was said by a very great Man. So Chubby Cheeks feels that he can share his wisdom and his visions to enlighten others as to what he sees in his blue crystal ball.

And, oh my, what he sees is most interesting!

Out of the dark shadows emerges light; a light which will heal and bless to bring comfort and safety to the peoples of this planet – who in their suffering have become discouraged and disillusioned.

Now the dreaming begins and things turn and twist in his crystal ball. The colors become brighter, the landscape transforms from a ravaged planet to a bountiful one. The waters flow turquoise and free; the flowers bloom in ethereal beauty.

Where has Chubby gone to vision all of this? Well, he has left his present life and entered a future one. Leaving his meditation mat, he travels through time/space, out of body, along the Rainbow Bridge and finds himself walking in another world, along the ocean’s edge. The sand is pinky white and soft as silk. His little feet absorb the minerals of the sandy beach and bring about a feeling of vitality. The sky is a brilliant coral and lavender, with richer hues than seen on the old earth.

He is alone but not solitaire as the whole environment infuses him with the sweetest companionship of love hitherto unknown. It is a foreign feeling but most welcomed. He could become accustomed to this.

Chubby Cheeks thinks that this experience of being in a higher vibration is similar to hearing a piano concerto move from one single note (the old earth) into a grand symphony of many chords played by a hundred fine tuned instruments.

And there is more, much more to experience in this wonderful place.

To see in this enchanted land invites a soft focus and a peaceful joy. Anything else distorts the vision. Chubby C. has come here today to enter into a deeper reality, one not bound by all that separates a being from Oneness. He had become most weary of the density and sluggishness of old earth.

Chubby is now eager to visit the gardens and as he thinks it, the gardens lay before him in sunlit beauty. Each flower is a celebration of the Creator’s genius.

Although this cannot be done in old earth, it is possible in the new earth. For truly as one thinks, one is. Where one desires to go, one goes. Chubby believes this ability is one of the most difficult to understand. Perhaps this is because so many do not want to think at all as it requires direction or intention, concentration and a mindful storehouse of knowledge and experience.

When Chubby strolls through these magical gardens, walks the sandy beaches, studies the starry nights illuminated by a strange and wonderful light, he learns something big. Really BIG.

And that is that Beauty reigns over this magical land of the New Earth. Within beauty is everything for darkness cannot come near this mysterious and magnificent quality.

Chubby remembers when he and Bennett were talking about this. They were at the window looking at the outside world when Bennett said that being on this Earth at this time was a very courageous thing to do. And that waiting for all the dust to settle on this planet might have been an easier choice.

Walking between the worlds requires a fine balance and Chubby Cheeks does not want the door closed between the old and new earth until the bell tolls, until the sun flashes forth revealing what has been and what will be.

Until then he will return to his precious body and once again he will raise his healing hands in salutation to the morning sun. And he will wait patiently until the time comes when all humanity and every living thing is prepared and willing to leave behind all the dross of ages past and move willingly and excitedly into greater Light, wherever that may be for each one.

Remember that all life is a journey until it becomes simply life that already … Is. Until then, there is work to be accomplished in the old earth so that one day all will know what Love …IS.