Three Kings came riding from far away,
Melchoir and Gasper and Baltasar,
Three Wise Men out of the East were they
– Longfellow

Story by Chubby Cheeks and GrandMary

It is a beautiful day in the woods. The golden leaves have fallen to the ground below and softly nested to cushion and warm the little ones who will gently sleep throughout the winter.

But Chubby Cheeks and friends must remain watchful for they are expecting the arrival of special guests. A morning soon to come holds the promise of an exceptional event!

And just what could that be? Well, Chubby has received a letter, an important letter.

Dear Chubby Cheeks,

This is to let you know to expect the arrival of three wise men on the morn of the next full moon.

We need your help and thus there is much to be discussed.

Let us meet at sunrise beneath the Mother oak tree in the center of the wood.

Please prepare.

Chubby’s tiny hands began to shake and his body to tremble when he read these words. Oh my, he thought, what could a little hamster in the forest and his small friends do to help three smart men from afar? This was indeed a conundrum, meaning a foreign unknown, a mystery.

So Chubby and his friends gathered together to ask the Lord’s blessing upon this upcoming meeting for they were unsure of its purpose. They bowed their heads in prayer that what was to come would be a gift to Mother Earth and all therein.

They did not sleep well that night in anticipation of the visitation for visions of sugar plums did not dance in their heads.

As the sun began to rise over the tops of the trees and beam down upon the earth, when the sky became the color of tangerines, Chubby and friends traveled to the center of the woods.

They sat in a circle, creating a shield of light, eyes closed, quiet and still — not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

And soon to their wondering eyes there appeared three bright figures dressed head to toe — in red, green and blue. Their robes were certainly not tarnished by ashes or soot.

Their eyes twinkled merrily; their cheeks were like roses and their mouths turned up in a smile. Chubby Cheeks and friends let out a big sigh and relaxed into the electrified energy field. They knew they had nothing to dread.

So Chubby asked in great reverence what he could do to be of assistance to the three wise men. And this is what they said:

We have come to you, little beings in the woods, because of your simplicity and clarity. But most of all you understand and live the truth of the heart.

You know the heart so well it connects you to the universe. We see you appreciate the rain and sun, the flowers and the trees. The streams and rivers love your presence.

We witness that you care for one another and when you do that, you do for Us.

Your willingness to serve the Light and become forerunners of the New Earth has aided Us to open the consciousness of others. We thank you and We want you to teach other seekers what you know.

And always believe in what you know. That is all- for now.

Chubby and friends knew the time had come for the Visitors to leave for They never remain after the Message has been given. So up to the tree tops They flew like a flash, but in the distance Chubby Cheeks heard them exclaim … and to all a good day.

The group sat quietly in their circle of light bathed in the scent of frankincense and touched by golden sparkles and beads of myrrh.

They would do their best in the days and years to come to speak the truth, appreciate this beautiful planet and love one another. They know the Wise Men will come again to celebrate the birth of the Christ in the hearts of mankind. Many will be ready, many might not but there will be enough who will.

And then, One day humanity will share a universal integrity because it is inherent in the soul of man and discovered by the road less traveled.