Story by Chubby Cheeks
I see a purple bag hanging on
        A winter branch.
How curious, I thought.
        What is within?
And then I heard a voice saying:
        Everything - of importance.
It seemed as if the forest was foggy and damp
        That whole winter.
Chubby Cheeks noticed that his friends
Were showing signs of weariness and distress
And he knew that something must be done.
        Hearts and Flowers were not enough.
Yes, everyone was tired of the disturbances
        In the world.
Unkindness and harmfulness has ruled the day.
        Time for change.
A different path must be chosen.
So Chubby Cheeks asks his friends if they are ready
        To travel beyond the known.
For he sees that -
        All life forms stand somewhat unsteadily
        On the edge of an interdimensional shift.
And so there is need of those who can lead the wave
        From despair to divine destiny.
Chubby Cheeks thought it best to consult
The woodland fairy about this urgent matter.
And so he did and this is what she had to say:
Strengthen and support your inner balance
For it will be needed in the times to come.
Reality as you have previously experienced it
        Will no longer be the same.
Expect it to be different.
Open your heart to all situations as a way
Of reintegrating all the missing pieces of
        Your striving, divine Self.
And remember that where you want to go,
Where you want to be is not a place or
        An event.
It is a movement in the evolutionary,
Universal journey of every living thing.
The wisdom needed for this unsettling time
Is to understand that many things in this world
        Do not yet make sense. But they will.
Begin to perceive your world as a planet
        Fine tuning itself in many subtle ways.
Chubby Cheeks overwhelmed by all this wisdom,
Asked the fairy how they could remember her teaching.
And she whispered to him that it could always
        Be found in the Purple Bag.
And so it was.