Story by Chubby Cheeks — September 2020

It was a fair summer day

when Chubby Cheeks spoke

with the Elves of Seven Oaks.


During the timely days

when the moon was in Aquarius,

three little ones appeared in the clearing

beneath the great oak tree.

Upon sight, Chubby Cheeks

climbed down from his place

in the tree and welcomed them

into his forest home.


“It is not often we see you,” said Chubby,

“As your ability to move in and out of

manifestation is rather magical.”


Being elves, they did not waste a moment

explaining their abilities but said:


“For too long the human race

has not understood who we are

 and why we are here. Or even what we do.

So, the reason we have come at this time

is to teach you a few things.”

Image - Chubby 7 Oaks 3

So Chubby Cheeks invited them

to sit with him around the big mushroom

and he would listen for he was always open

to the world of the Elementals.

And the first one said (for they looked

like triplets), “Your human friends

have not understood

the meaning and purpose of joy.”


And Elf number 2 said, “Joy must come

 from the heart. Your lightness of spirit is

needed by others.”


Elf number 3 sat quietly among the group (which is

a difficult thing to do for an elf), but he also

had a message and wanted to speak:


“We know that joy is our source of elf

power. Our chief taught us long ago

that joy is a special wisdom.


“You do not see us often, Chubby Cheeks,

because we cannot mix with doom

and gloom.

“We are willing to offer joy to you and

to your woodland friends, to humans, to the vegetable

kingdom and to all, but we cannot be present

amongst despondency and depression.

“There are opportunities for joy all around

and from within you.

But many do not notice because they are not

looking in the most obvious place —the heart.”

And together they all three said:

“The heart opens the door to unseen worlds.”

And Chubby Cheeks listened to the wisdom of

the Elf kingdom.  He realised more than ever

that all life is One: one family with diverse

qualities and abilities.

“We do not want to enter your evolution,

we just want to be acknowledged

and accepted as helpers.

And to do so, we occasionally cross the

threshold between dimensions.

Together we can create a beautiful world.

“Why would you not want to know us better?

“We give fragrance to the flowers,

color to all things,

brilliance to earth crystals

and taste to your food.


“We swim the waters, fly the skies

and warm your fires.

We are deep in the rich earth.

We are everywhere.

Just un-noticed.


“We play with children

before the veil comes down,

but we are forgotten by most adults.

So, all we ask is that you

believe we exist,

and you will see that we do.”