By Chubby Cheeks

Your guardianship; I take it to my heart.

                                                                         ~ Wordsworth

Chubby Cheeks comes often

To the edge of the woods

To watch the race of men go by.


Some travel with heads hung low,

Sorrow in their hearts

And wounds in their minds.


They have dropped into

A state of forgetfulness-

Of who they are.


For their inner voice

Seems to have gone silent.

In the shadows of night.


Chubby Cheeks wonders if he can

Inspire the soul of another

When there is so much darkness inside?”


To each one passing he beams

A new wave of energy

Of sunbeams and starry light.


In his heart he hopes that

On their way to somewhere

That invisible current

Will heal and bless.


That it will open closed eyes

To the sunrise and sunset-

To the

     Glittering stars and silver moon.


If he could he would advise them

To carefully observe the      

     Shading of the flowers


To not miss hearing

     The birdsong from the trees


He would ask them if they forgot

To say goodbye to the butterflies

     As they journeyed elsewhere.


 And when did they last embrace

     A tree with love?

Or lie on the good earth

And feel its pulse

     Beat with theirs?


Have they remembered that the water

From streams and rivers

      Flows to the ocean?


All of this and much more is a gift,

Offered freely and lovingly

     So that we may rejoice

     In life on this planet.