It was a time of unrest in the woods

When the little ones who

Lived in their hidden places,

Received a call from their Friend.

It came at dawn as the night was leaving

And the sun arising.

                   It was a quiet but urgent request

From the heart

Of a little hamster.

                   Gathered together on Spirit Mountain

                   Chubby Cheeks stood before them

To tell a story of love.

                   Dear Friends, he said, although you live

In the same woods, you have remained


Each to his own, you have said and then

Crawled in your hole

For a long winter’s nap.

                   No, my friends, that is not the Way

                             To live as a community.

                   I have come to speak of a different way to live

                   That will create a new world.

It will not be the same as before.

So fluff your feathers, spread your wings

And clean your “houses”.

Life is changing and so must you.

To you residents of the wood,

 I have this to say:

 Respect the life choices of others

This is love.

Share the abundance you do not need.

This is love.

Do not rush by a beautiful flower,

Or a stone on the ground

Without pausing in appreciation.

                              This is love.         

Be kind and comforting to the hurt or injured,

                              This is love.

                   Be sweet with your words and actions.

                             This is love.

                   Accept the nuts that fall from the trees

                   And the berries from the bushes as

                   Gifts from Heaven.

                             This is love.

                   At night before sleep;

In the morning upon awakening.

Offer prayers to your Creator for

          This is love – the greatest love.