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The Stone, the Fish and the Daisy

“Cathy was a very strange child, her parents thought. Some of the things she said were very odd indeed. Everybody seemed to agree.

For instance, there was one day when she said to her father: “Dad, I remember when I was a rock.”

‘Yes dear, yes dear,’ said her father while he was unpacking the shopping in the kitchen, and thinking, ‘Here she goes again’… “

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Chubby Cheeks
and the Purple Bag

I see a purple bag hanging on
A winter branch.
How curious, I thought.
What is within?
And then I heard a voice saying:
Everything – of importance…

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Chubby Cheeks Dreams of the
 New Earth

“Chubby Cheeks has had a lot on his mind lately and it
concerns his destiny and that of all living forms. He
refers to humans, animals, plants and minerals. He
ponders the soul and spirit of Earth and wonders how it
will be able to carry all that lives upon her body through
this dark period…”

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In the Garden with
Chubby Cheeks

“In late spring Chubby Cheeks gathers his garden tools and
heads outdoors to plant his seeds. He considers it a perfect
day for putting these unborn specks of potential into the
soft and fertile soil. The sun is shining and the breeze
feels warm upon his body. Yes, a perfect day for seeding
the good earth. Chubby Cheeks and his friend feel like
they are placing a song in the soil…”

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The Wisdom of Rabbi Proschwitz

“Rabbi Proschwitz (aka Chubby Cheeks) teaches that:

All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely
players; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being
seven ages.

His friend, Shakespeare, told him that. And it is something he believes
but does not quite understand…”

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