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The Christ known by different names in different ages
The Christ—known by different names in different ages—is the revealer of the Path to the Kingdom of Souls.
Friends do not despair the Christ is coming closer
Friends, do not despair. The luminous Age of the Soul is coming closer, lighting a fire in the hearts of all who await, extinguishing fear with boundless love.
By rising as Love we embrace the world
By rising as Love, we embrace the world within the infinite space of the heart—as we were taught by the Buddha and the Christ.
Detach from all that separates you from others
Detach from all that separates you from others. Be like the Christ - surrender all to the One Life.
Darkness thrall lifting World Teacher coming
The darkness that long held us in thrall is lifting. The World Teacher is on His way, accompanied by all whose hearts are aflame with Love.
New consciousness prepare greet Great Teacher Christ
In the new consciousness of spiritual love, we prepare to greet the return of the Great Teacher - the Christ.

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