By rising as Love we embrace the world
By rising as Love, we embrace the world within the infinite space of the heart—as we were taught by the Buddha and the Christ.
Detach from all that separates you from others
Detach from all that separates you from others. Be like the Christ - surrender all to the One Life.
New consciousness prepare greet Great Teacher Christ
In the new consciousness of spiritual love, we prepare to greet the return of the Great Teacher - the Christ.
Christ Consciousness born in cave of heart move outward to light world
Christ Consciousness - the Incandescent Fire of Love - is being born in the 'cave of the heart.' From there it will move outward to light our world.
Time has come cycle ends True Spiritual Brotherhood on Earth
"The time has come!" One cycle ends and another begins. In the love of Christ, a true spiritual brotherhood will be anchored on Earth and made manifest for the first time.

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