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Creative Ideas for Distributing Memes on Paper

If you would like to share or distribute our spiritual memes and prefer not to use the internet, an effective option is to create printed images on cards, posters and bookmarks.  These can be left in public places to be found by ‘just the right person.’  The website address will appear on each printed item in case the person who finds them wishes to contact New Waves of Light.

You might like to:

  • leave a card on the table after having a coffee in a coffee shop
  • drop cards in letterboxes
  • leave a bookmark between the pages of a library book or magazine in a waiting room
  • leave a card on the counter of a shop, on a bus or train seat  
  • pin a card or poster to the office notice board
  • put cards or posters on Community noticeboards or in shop windows
  • ask a local bookshop to give a bookmark to customers
  • give bookmarks, cards to your own clients if you have a business
  • ask local businesses to place some on their shop counters e.g. massage therapists, yoga centres, crystal shops

A Variety of Templates & Artwork

Below you will find a variety of templates and artwork that have been designed to make it easy for you to create these items.  There is a choice of colour and black and white, plus a choice of artwork created with memes chosen by the artist and those that leave space for you to include your own favourite memes.

Creating Small Cards

Small cards (the size of business cards) can be dropped any place where those who may resonate with the message can find them.

If you are industrious, you might design your own.  But here are 5 pre-designed options for you to choose from, depending on the resources at your disposal.  The first 3 include memes.

  • Colourful print-ready cards with artistic designs prepared for professional printing.
    See below for options in both A4 and US Letter page size.
  • Colourful artwork divided into cards on a page (both A4 and US Letter size), prepared for either professional or home printingSee below for a print-ready downloadable pages.
  • Black & white artwork on a page (both A4 and US Letter size), divided into cards for printing on a home printer – See below for print-ready downloadable options.
  • Colourful A4 page template for adding your own choice of meme.  See below for downloadable options plus a list of memes from which to choose.
  • Black & white A4 page template for adding your own choice of meme.   See below for downloadable options plus a list of memes from which to choose.

Creating Small Posters

Small single-page posters are useful for pinning to public notice boards in shopping malls, waiting rooms, or wherever seems best in your location.  Some options offered are:

  • Black & white (both A4 and US Letter size) page artwork (with memes and scannable QR code for this website) prepared for home printing.   See below for print-ready downloadable options.
  • Templates for adding your own choice of meme.  See below for downloadable options plus a list of memes to choose from.

Creating Bookmarks

These can be placed inside books or left at the local library—wherever they might be serendipitously happened upon!  See below for some print-ready artwork options.

Other Simple Ideas

You might like to simply copy any of the graphic memes on this website and save them as a picture, which can be taken to a photo printing kiosk or shop to print postcard-size images. These can be pinned to notice boards or shared as your inspiration guides.

By pasting magnetic tape to the back of a card, you can create an inspiring fridge magnet

If you have other interesting ideas, please share them on our contact page. 

Here is a list of Artwork and Templates to use or to inspire your own creativity:

Artwork on page size A4



Business Cards – Coloured:

Business Cards – Black & White:

Artwork on page size US Letter

Business Cards – Black & White: